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qooh's diary

TV Devotee



2008年は短い準備期間で初国立をやり遂げた時は"OMG, you are amazing dudes!"と。
2009年は10周年という絶好のタイミングでの国立。10年前は誰も考えていなかったことをして"I'm so delighted to be able to celebrate your 10th anniversary."と。
2010年はようやく通常営業でのツアー。I think you are facing a crucial stage this year, cause you've got to prove that you're still the same attractive guys.
I still remember clearly when you boys started to talk about rising in a riot to the firm in your closing addresses. You wanted us to be proud of being your fan. Thanks to your hard working efforts, I think your group is nothing but amazing. Please don't lose your spirits and trust us cause there still are fans who are not blinded by the light yet.

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